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Competitive swimming turn start techniques teaching and training guidance optimization diagnosis

Author(s): Yongbing Chen, Geng Du

Competitive swimming is a kind of sports event that lays equal important on physical ability and technique, reasonable and scientific technical features are powerful guarantee to promote competitive swimming results. Competitive swimming is a sports event that is well received by masses; the event is composed of starting, turning, on passage swimming, reach to the ball and sprinting as well as others five parts, because athletes have many individual differences in adopting same technical movement, the paper states and analyzes competitive swimming technical diagnosis optimization process, makes corresponding theoretical basis for improving athletes technical rationality and scientificity. In the paper, by analyzing and researching on lots of competition data, it carries on systematically researches on turning and starting techniques that trouble Chinese swimming athletes for a long time, in the hope of generating reasonable and scientific suggestions for Chinese competitive swimming event training.

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Table of Contents

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