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Comparison Between Teacher's Observations and Student's Perceptions about Practical Skills in Chromatography Experiment

Author(s): Naseer Ahmed, Tri Joko Raharjo, Khandil Badshah, Sajad, Sundas Ejaz and Sadiq

Laboratory occupies central role in chemistry learning, practical work help students in clearance of concept after learning theory. Chromatography is widely used in separation process of components, and good practical skills is necessary during performing chromatography practical, this research is based on comparison of observation and students’ perspectives about their practical skills in chromatography practical. Observations sheet is used for observing students’ practical skills and questionnaire is used to know students’ perspectives about their practical skills in practical. Instruments were validated by three experts and population was 75 students, independent t-test were used for data analysis. Results show that there is no significant difference between teachers’ observations and students’ perspectives about practical skills during performing chromatography experiment. Mean score of both is almost similar which is teachers’ observations 50.0400 and students’ perspectives 48.4000 meanwhile sig value is also 0.050 which is equal to 0.05 indicates that there is no significant difference among both opinions. Further research can be improved by using different aspects of practical skills.

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