Comparison and analysis of logical connectives usage by english learners from the perspective of quantitative

Author(s): Xiaoying Li

How to use logical connectives rightly has always been the key point of English study and exploration in the process of English learning. In this study, the author establishes a logical connective corpus, and compares and analyzes Outlines of the differences between Chinese English learners and native English speakers based on the corpus’s data. Therefore, more clear reflection of Chinese English learners in learning and using logical connectives can be made and finally provides effective solution for the Chinese learners to learn English better. As learning based on corpus is effective, it shows information of logical connectives usage by the real English-speaking learners and helps the Chinese learners to understand the real English language environment. What’s more, Chinese students can learn to use corpus resources and deal with the difficulties encountered in the study through self-searching and comparison, achieving the purpose of the proper using of logical connectives.

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Table of Contents

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