Comparative study of Chinese teenagers self-physical health structure model

Author(s): Yongsheng Wang

Self-physical health structure model is an advanced means and method to inspect selfphysical health for adolescent. This is an advanced test method that has been improved effectively based on the original measurement of index test. In a sense, the adolescent self-physical health cognition process is fuzzy. The evaluation standard is so unclear that makes teenagers’ attitudes towards physical health deviated. This results in a negative effect on the their healthy development. However, in the construction process of the model, the main point is to combine several evaluation indexes for the effective establishment of the model. Among those evaluation indexes, the cardiovascular function, cardiopulmonary function and several other physical and physiological function are included. This makes the scope of evaluation indexes extensive, at the same time; the teenagers’ fitness and healthy condition can be reflected objectively and fairly. In this paper, the discriminant analysis offered a solid foundation for the model construction and does an effective analysis process for the selection of evaluation indexes. And finally, the classification model can be built more scientifically. In this way, the model built in this study could differ sharply from the traditional model. And its advantages can be fully reflected. With this model, the evaluation indexes data could be treated scientifically and studied effectively by linear functions. All this analysis provides a strong support for the study in this paper.

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