Comparative studies on physico-chemical, biological and enzymatic properties of soil amended with organic manure, vermicompost and indigenous microorganisms (IMOs)

Author(s): G.Narasimha

Comparative studieswere conducted on physico-chemical,microbiological and enzymatic properties of soil supplemented with organic fertilizers, Organic manure, Vermicompost and Indigenous microorganism (IMO). Supplementation of organic and microbial amendments, improved physicochemical and biological parameters in soil. Higher water holding capacity, moisture content, and electrical conductivity, organic carbon content and bacterial and fungal populations are observed in test soil than control. Improved physical properties, EC, WHC contents were noticed in vermicompost soil. Whereas Higher biochemical properties like Total C, N,P contents observed in IMO treated soil. Nearly threefold higher bacterial and fungal population observed IMO treated soil than control. Soil enzymes, protease and cellulasewere enhanced in IMO treated and Vermicompost soil than without treatments.With increasing the soil incubation period soil enzyme activities were enhanced up to 14th day interval and thereafter declined in both test and control soil. Improved physicochemical, microbial and enzymatic parameters in organic manure, vermicompost amended soils are an indication of improvement of soil health and fertility.

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