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Comparative analysis of difficulty degree of kinematics based on sports skills and daily actions

Author(s): Jun Tian

There are lots of similarities between daily actions and sport skills, and difficulty degree of skills can be effectively assessed from perspective of kinematics. In the process of study and discussion, five commonly used movement skills in daily life were chosen, together with five corresponding sports skills, which are respectively as follows: daily door-pushing, kicking movement, flies-patting, normal leap and walking; powerful serve of tennis, snap pass, instep kick(football), stride jumping and heal-and-toe walking race, joint displacement comparison and that of movement speed are effectively made towards right shoulder and elbow, ankle & wrist on the basis of similarity, so that complexity of sports skills themselves can be manifested to a initial extent, which is furthered in terms of difficulty degree by effectively comparing maximum speed of right foot, knee, hip joint movement. In this study, data analysis and processing, together with effective processing and analysis of video and image data by instruments are made, in order to provide strong theoretical and data basis for the research and exploration.

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