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Community square collective sports activity sound development fuzzy evaluation research

Author(s): Yongfeng He, Wenzuo Li

With community fitness activities implementing, square collective activities has become more of one of main forms for residents to carry out square fitness, the paper makes specific investigation and research on square collective activities. By analyzing contemporary environment’s Chinese community collective activities participants residents number proportions in square fitness total numbers, as well as investigation research on number of participants age distribution, gender structure, income level, the paper finds that China’s number of people that carry on square collective activities are further increasing, and middle-aged and old people occupy a large part. By correlation analysis method and fuzzy analysis method, it makes further investigation and research on benefits that Chinese community collective activities bring into residents. It gets: collective activities can let residents to beautify shape, free their minds, and enrich leisure lives, from which free minds is upmost benefit of group activities; appeal people that they should positive participate in fitness activities as Dayangge, social dance, square dance, Taijiquan and others, so that improve their physical quality and psychological quality, and make life better.

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