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Comments on the value and significance of applying fuzzy theory to science and technology English translation

Author(s): Mengqi Han

English translation is not merely the form conversion between English and other languages, but the active thinking of the translator. The process of translation actually is the process of textual information processing by the brain, so only when the translator knows the meaning of the paper needs translating thoroughly, can he translate the paper successfully. There must be understanding bias, at least, inaccuracy during translation given that English is different from the other languages in terms of structure and way of thinking, in this case, fuzzy thinking can be used stimulating the brain to code and process the textual information to avoid inaccurate translation. Actually, the key factors whether the translation version is logic or accurate are the translator’s understandings of the original paper and his way of description. According to the scientific research, human brain has two thinking ways, the precise way and the fuzzy way. Fuzzy thinking is “both the one and the other” concept for recognition of substances. Fuzzy thinking ways decide the vagueness of language in that language is the expression of some certain thinking, so this paper studies translation of English for science and technology on the fuzzy theory with the fuzzy thinking ways of the brain and the vagueness of language expression.

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