Collision system model research of volleyball robot based on Matlab simulation

Author(s): Batu Liu, LanGui

This paper analyzes the movement condition of each object in the Volleyball robot competition process, and finds that the core part of volleyball robot simulation system is the movement model of individual object and the model of interaction between objects. If the model selected in the simulation systemis good, it will help the efficient operation of the system. This paper mainly studies the static models and dynamic models of the system, by analyzing the motion condition of volleyball players to establish a two-wheel-style carmotionmodel, analyzes the volleyballmovement to establish a projectile model of the simulation ball, and analyzes the collision situation between objects to establish the collision model between car and small ball. This paper analyzes and builds the systemmodel, at the same time; it uses the model and algorithm to simulate the moving trajectory of the systemball withMatlab software, and provides a theoretical basis for the development of robots and volleyball career.

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