Collaborative relationship research of the sports industry and other related industries based on the grey correlation analysis

Author(s): RuiguangJia, YintuBao, Dechang Gong

The sports industry is a wide range industry with strong relevance. Its research methods conclude analytic hierarchy process, fuzzy comprehensive analysis, Delphi method and other qualitative analysis method. There is a certain degree of subjectivity, and it cannot accurately explore the substantive law of the sports industry. In this paper, from the linkage angle between the industries to study the coordinated development of the sports industry and other related industries, and use the gray correlation effects analysis method to conduct global and systematic analysis on the GNP statistics data in 2000-2009, research the correlation between sports industry and other industries, provides data basis for the development of the sports industry, and provide a reference and analysis theory for the joint development of related careers.

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