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Coding opportunity routing protocol based on dynamic redundancy control in wireless network

Author(s): Yang Jie, Wan Li, Song Mei

As opportunity routing protocol relies on the received encoded packet to estimates the number of forwarding packets, and it makes that the node does not know whether its sending packets cause data redundancy and other issues for the downstream node’s updating information, thus this paper proposes wireless network coding opportunity routing protocol based on dynamic redundancy control. The agreement will from the perspective of linear space abstract opportunity routing based on network coding as a general opportunity routing, assign each forwarding node forwarding priority in accordance with the ETX distance between forwarding node and the destination node. Forwarding nodes near the destination node will preferentially broadcast the forwarding packets and zero space vector of received linear space. After hearing the broadcast information, nodes with low priority judge the amount of information contained in its linear space according to the zero space vector, then dynamically determines the number of node’s forwarding packets. Since the reception of the downstream node has been considered when deciding the forward packets, thus reduces transmission of invalid information and reduces overhead. Finally conducts experiments and experimental results show that: compared to the classical MORE protocol, the proposed agreement improves network throughput reduces overhead.

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