Cluster analysis-based national traditional sports international exchange and transmission research

Author(s): Yong Chen

In the general background of world cultural diversity, Chinese martial arts have become representative of Chinese national traditional sports.Martial arts transmission degree represents Chinese national traditional sports events transmission status. Martial arts organization status even reflects martial arts transmission degree. World martial arts championship as top event in martial arts, its organizing status is an important reference frame. The paper selects previous world martial arts championships data, these data includes number of organizing sessions, amount of participated countries, number of participating people and competition host cities these four variables.According to experiences, it preliminarily judges amount of participated countries to be indicator. Utilize correlation analysis method, it researches on amount of participated countries and other three variables relations, it further defines amount of participated countries and number of participating people as indicators, and influence factor is competition host city. Divide host city into domestic and foreign country such two kinds, use cluster analysis to get two clusters centers, make comparison of the two and get conclusionwhenmartial arts competition is organized in foreign countries, transmission effect is better.

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