Cloud point extraction – Flame atomic absorption spectrometry for the analysis of trace copper content in red bull sports drinks

Author(s): WanbinYu

Taking the octyl polyethylene glycol phenyl (Triton X-100) as surface active agent, using diethyl dithiocarbamate sodium(DDTC) as complexing agent, we use Cloud Point Extraction—Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (CPE-FAAS) to analysis the Cu(II) in the red bull sports drinks. In the best condition, by some experiment selections, such as pH value, heating time, equilibriumtemperature, complexion agent concentration, surfactant concentration, interference ions, we got detection limit was 1.33ug/L, and RSD was 3.24%(n=11), the recoverieswas between 97.20%~100.2%. The curve linear equation we used wasA= 6.6093C + 0.0438, correlation coefficientwas r2=0.99668, linear rangewas 200~1000ug/L.

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