Clinical research of interventional treatment of maxillary sinus cyst

Author(s): Bian Xinhua , Li Ruiyu, Li Meng, Zhao YanLing, Bian Xiangdong, Wu Liping, Liu Yahui, Zhang Junhui, Sun Yanfu, Han Weihua

Aim: To evaluate the effect of intervention ofminimally invasive treatment of maxillary sinus cyst.Methods: Patients which were negative for iodine anaphylactic testwere selected Piercing into themaxillary sinus cyst through the appropriate path, and infusion, injection drug, line imaging reviewafter one month. Results: 34 cases operationwere successful, including 4 cases of repeated puncture pumping liquidmedicine injection, 1 case of puncture under X-ray guided. Symptoms such as headache, dizziness, fade in 1 to 2 weeks after surgery. Symptoms of all patients eliminated in 1 month, 1 month after surgery review of the sinus CT showed that maxillary sinus cyst disappeared. There was no recurrence after six months to one year of follow-up. Conclusion: Interventional therapy of maxillary sinus cyst is safe and effective.

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