Clinical evaluation of the sterilizing effect at different sampling times in the dental implants surgery using local air laminar flow system

Author(s): Xifeng Wu, Yongbo Gao, Liwen Zhou, Liming Yang, Yanmin Zhou

Objective: The purpose of the study was to determine the germicidal effect in the dental implant surgery using local air laminar flow system at different sampling times. Methods: The air samples were collected at different time points: 10min after laminar flow system turned on, 10min, 45min after operation and 10min before operation finished. Plate exposure method was used to detect the bacteria number. The samples collected at the same time points without the local laminar flow system open were taken as the control.. Results:When the local air laminar flowsystemwas used, the bacterial concentration in the surgery was significantly lower (p<0.05). Meanwhile, the bacterial concentration in the laminar region was significantly lower than that among the peripheral region (p<0.05). The cleanliness at the time point of 45min after operation, in the laminar area reached the level of 10min after laminar flowsystemturned on.When compared with the laminar region, the bacterial concentration in peripheral areas were significantly increased both at time points of 10min after operation and 10min before operation finished (p<0.05).Conclusion: Local air laminar flow system can filter the air in the surgery, enabling the air cleanliness to reach ten thousand grade. There is close relationship between the cleaning time and the cleaning effect. To ensure the clean effect, the management of the staff and the materials should be strengthened.

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