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City spontaneous sports organizations development strategy research in the perspective of public satisfaction index

Author(s): Benjun Zhang

Chinese city spontaneous sports organizations’ development suffers larger influence from economic development and government, spontaneous sports organizations occupy larger proportion in city sports development process. Research its status and development prospect, it is helpful for discovering Chinese city spontaneous sports organizations shortcomings, and then promote city sports development. The paper utilizes statistical analysis and numeric analysis method, studies Chinese city spontaneous sports organizations status and their organizations structures composition, further analyzes numerous factors that hinder their development, and combines with correlation analysis method, it judges each influence factor and Chinese city spontaneous sports organizations’ public satisfaction index significant correlations. By establishing model, make quantitative analysis of data, and then get conclusion: key factors that affect Chinese city spontaneous sports organizations development have single and insufficient fund sources, sports public apparatuses deficiency, from which city spontaneous sports organizations members education background structure, age structure, investment, government support are significant correlated to their public satisfaction index, which are factors should comprehensive consider in future developing Chinese city spontaneous sports organizations.

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