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Chinese sports product market competitiveness fuzzy evaluation and analytic hierarchy process research

Author(s): Tongren Jiang, Na Liu

With Chinese sports rapidly development, sports product market competitiveness is also constantly improving, to objective and reasonable evaluate market competitiveness, it needs to construct sports product market competitiveness comprehensive evaluation system, the paper uses analytic hierarchy process method, it makes analysis of sports market competitiveness affected brand loyalty, transmission capacity, price ability, quality capacity these four aspects, and builds solving weight coefficient model, in addition it applies fuzzymathematics to establish comprehensive evaluation, in order to more clearly present model scientificity, the people takes Chinese super league (CSL) , Chinese volleyball association(CVA) , Chinese basketball association(CBA) three main associations product competitiveness as examples, and finally it gets three main associations sports product competitiveness respective features, which points out orientations for future researching on sports product market competitiveness.

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