Chinese national traditional sports operation mode and its events redevelopment research

Author(s): Hua Zeng, Xiaohua Peng, Shaochang Yang, Hang Li, Guangyao Qi, Weixing Wang

Minority traditional sports are important parts of Chinese sports, their protection and inheritance is always one of focus issues that worth noting in sports development. Research on national sports not only have important effects on their protection, but also can propel to their development process. The paper takes national sports events development and future operation mode as entry points, comprehensive utilizes numerical analysis, extremum principle and goal programming method to analyze. Firstly, it analyzes national traditional sports advantages and their transmission paths, puts forward that carries forward national culture is the upmost function of national traditional sports. Secondly, it respectively establishes extremum principle-based national sports event development model and future national sports operation mode optimal model, analyzes Chinese national sports event development and future operation mode, and then gets conclusions: national aerobics and national martial arts are national sports events with most potentials, future Chinese national sports operation mode is mainly professional institutional operation and government-leading.

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