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Chinese community sports non-profit organization status and development countermeasures

Author(s): Liang Dong, Chunmei Yin

Community sports non-profit organization is an activity type organization aims to serve or meet public sports aspect demands and takes sports as carrier without purpose of profits, with Chinese economy, politics and culture constant development, people demands on body building heart building and entertainment type of sports are constantly increasing, Chinese community sports non-profit organization also has got development in space, it promotes China’s mass sports development, and meanwhile it also promotes socialism with Chinese characteristics harmonious society construction. The paper adopts document literature, mathematical statistics and interview method to study on China current community sports non-profit organizational status, makes statistics of Chinese community sports non-profit organizations’ organizational features, activity addresses, funding sources and so on, and by documents literature and interview method, it investigates Chinese community sports non-profit organization developmental necessity and drawbacks and so on, finally it analyzes information that counted and investigated, gets that Chinese community sports non-profit organization status and its development unfavorable factors, and makes corresponding suggestions on its development.

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Table of Contents

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