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Chinese and foreignmen’s decathlon performance comparison and structural factor correlation test based on SPSS regressionmodel

Author(s): Pengfei Zhang, Jingjing Lu

By consulting lots of documents, adopt grey correlation analysis and factor analysis to make research on Chinese and foreign decathlon athletes total performances and each single item performance internal relations and athletes’ performance internal structure, and do comparative analysis, find out Chinese athletes and world level athletes’ performance main gaps, which provides certain theoretical basis for Chinese men’s decathlon training plan designing, athletes’ scientific selection and athletics development. Rey correlation analysis result shows that Chinese athletes each single item to total performance influences ranked by correlation degree as 110mhurdle>100m>long jump>400m> highjump> pole vault>shot put> javelin throw> discus throw>1500m; andworld rank as: 110mhurdle> long jump>100m>400m>pole vault>high jump>javelin throw>shot put>discus throw>1500m. It is clear that domestic athletes still keep larger some paces with foreign excellent athletes by comparing in higher special technique requirement pole vault and javelin throw the two events; factor analysis result shows that during Chinese and foreign excellent athletes performance structures, 100m,400m, 110m hurdle the three single items take largest effects, they can be called as speed, explosive power factor; discus throw, javelin throw and shot put the three items take the secondary effects, which can be called as strength factors; high jump effects are the third ones, which can be called as smart factor. All the four factors are related to speed quality, thereupon it reveals that men’s decathlon is core featured with speed

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