Chinese and foreign excellent men shot putters’ back sliding technique optimization model research

Author(s): Weipeng Zhao, Shaowei Zhang, Fang Liu

Take China the 11th national game 6 athletes’ shot putting whole process kinematics parameters as objects, establish speed distance model, carry out kinematics analysis, andmake comparisonwithworld excellent athletes’ parameters. Research found that Chinese athletes existing following problems as big body swinging, small sliding amplitude, left shoulder left arm poor controlling, small hip rotational strength, small sports speed, long transition time, weakmuscle exertion explosiveness, unstable gravity center, discontinuous motions and other problems. For these problems, it makes following suggestions on back sliding method shot putting that is reduce leg drive angle and included angle between two legs, enlarge sliding phase sports amplitude, increase shoulder, hip, arm controlling ability, increase body each part exertion positivist and stability, strengthen daily training, increase body muscle explosive force. Increase body stability and motions’ coherency

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