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Chinese and foreign excellent long jumper performance influence factors research based on GRA model

Author(s): Zhiqiang Zhao

Long jumpers athletic ability is up to body shape, coordinate ability, sport technique, physical and psychological quality as well as external training conditions, its performance judgment is measured by jumping distance. Now, athletesÂ’ scientific selection proportion and status in physical training technique has become more and more high, its way also become more and more advanced, and human body athletic ability comprehensive evaluation method also gets more and more close to athletes themselves actual potentials. This paper makes research on long jumper performance correlation factors, extracts four indicators and analyzes each indicator factor effects. Apply grey mathematical model, solve indicator and performance correlation degree, and initialize data based on Matlab software. And accordingly solve weight and establish performance and factors equations. By comparing Chinese and foreign different excellent athletesÂ’ parameters, through analyzing and researching, it gets each factor importance in performance that is weight and verified. By mathematical model establishment, it further analyzes performance influence factors, and proposes relative training suggestions

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