Chinese adolescent physical health standards’ empirical research

Author(s): Shun Shan

Adolescent is national development reserve force, is future of nation, his sound growth is always the key point of Chinese Adolescent education. Therefore, Adolescent physical health also attracts considerable great attention. The paper starts from Adolescent health education and his physical health relationships as well as Adolescent physical health standards two aspects, by investigation and analysis, it makes quantitative researches from the perspective of statistics and mathematical statistics. Firstly, take Adolescent physical health status as entry point, by investigating Adolescent physical quality and understanding degree on health education, analyze Adolescent physical health status. Secondly, respectively start from height, weight two external factors and lung capacity one internal factor, establish Adolescent physical health standards discriminant analysis model, define Adolescent height, weight, lung capacity three standards. By comprehensive analysis, finally get conclusions: Chinese Adolescent understanding degree on health education is significant correlated to his physical health; due to most of them don’t understand health education, his physique also suffers influences to certain extents. Therefore, define Adolescent height, weight, and lung capacity three events standards, research on his physical health status, and build foundation for Chinese Adolescent sound growth.

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