Chemical Investigation Of The Itching Effects Of Hairs Of Mucuna Pruriens (Cow-Hage)

Author(s): A.A.Olajire, F.O.Ayinde, T.I.Edewor

C23H24N2O2. It is readily soluble in cold and hot methanol and Me2CO but insoluble in water, chloroform, ether, benzene. It yields a crystalline hydrochloride, m.p; 226-2270C00 (dec.) and an acetate, m.p; 244-2460C(dec.). The alkaloid was characterized by IR, UV, 1H-NMR, MS techniques., to deduce the most probable structure for the alkaloid. The name of the most probable structure deduced for the compound is 2-acetyl-3-hydroxy-4-ethenyl-6-(N-cyclopent-2,4-dienyl-piperidine) quinoline(M+, 360)

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