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Characterization of the Phytopathogenic Fungus' Mycovirome

Author(s): Miguel Jose

Neofusicoccum parvum is a fungus that belongs to the Botryosphaeriaceae family and is one of the most aggressive causes of Botryosphaeria dieback, also known as grapevine trunk disease (GTD). The mycovirome of a single N. crassa strain was examined in this investigation. High-throughput sequencing of total RNA and subsequent bioinformatic analyses were used to describe parvum (COLB). We were able to describe six new mycoviruses from four different viral families using contig annotations, genome completions, and phylogenetic studies. Two victoriviruses from the Totiviridae family, one alphaendornavirus from the Endornaviridae family, two mitoviruses from the Mitoviridae family, and one narnavirus from the Narnaviridae family make up the virome. Sequencing the RT-PCR results obtained from total nucleic acids verified the existence of the co-infecting viruses.

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