Characterization of the constitution water of jadeite minerals in jadeitite from Burma

Author(s): XingYingying

This paper introduces the research status of constitutionwater in nominally anhydrous pyroxene group minerals, especially the FTIR characterization and constitutionwater content of jadeite. The jadeiteminerals fromBurma are observed in this thesis by adopting Micro-FTIR and Electron probe microanalysis (EPMA) to study the constitution water characterization of Burma jadeite minerals from the microcosmic angle. The research results show that the main constitution water characterization of jadeite minerals from Burma is manifested as absorption peaks with 3610~3620cm-1 and 3540~3550cm-1areas in the infrared spectrum; the constitutionwater content of jadeite minerals in loose structure ismore outside and less in the middle, and each part of constitution water content is homogeneous for jadeite of a compact structure. The content discrepancy and variation trend of constitution water are not affected by its chemical compositions but possibly resulted from the fluid involvement in jadeitite forming stage when plate is subducting and retracing, which further provides certain evidence to the origin of Burma jadeitite

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