Characteristics, preparation and improvement of porous hydroxyapatite bioceramic materials

Author(s): Yanrong Sun, Tao Fan, Liguo Ma, Qiuxia, Zhang, Hongbo Li, Feng Liu

Hydroxyapatite exhibits the outstanding biocompatibility and bioactivity with bone replacement in living tissues. Porous hydroxyapatite bioceramic is able to intensity the osteoconduction and osteoinduction and suitable for artificial bone substitutes. By means of controllingporosity, size, interconnectivity and surface roughness of pores, the porous HA with optimal properties can be obtained. Variousmethods for preparing porous HAbioceramic have been introduced, such as pore-forming agentmethod, foaming method, conversion of natural body, colloidal template method, and freeze casting. To improve properties of porousHAbioceramic, two or several kinds of preparation methodshave beencombined to use, and designing and developing porous HA-based biocomposite materials is also acceptable.

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