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Characteristics of typical heavy metals removal abilities in Fuzhou domestic wastewater treatment process

Author(s): Dejun Kang, Danyu Xie, Shenghua Pang

In this paper, the removal characteristics of five heavymetals (Mn, Fe, Zn, Cr,As) in two urban wastewater treatment plants calledAand B in Fuzhou were studied. The results showed: (1) The influents of these two wastewater treatment plants weren’t seriously polluted by heavy metal heavily except for Mn and Fe, this may result from the environmental background of Fuzhou; (2) A takes A/O process as the biological unit, the removal efficiencies for these heavy metals of the whole process ranged from 7.5% for Zn to 93.1% for Fe. (3) B utilizes CASS process for secondary treatment, it yielded lower removal efficiencies than A/O process on the whole, ranging from28.5%forMn to 88.2%for Fe except Zn; (4) BothA and Bwere excellent in removing Fe while had little removal efficiency for Zn, thismay result fromthe re-dissolution of particulate Zn; (5) the removal capacities for heavy metals of these two wastewater treatment plants were calculated respectively, ranging from0.03 kg •d-1 to 18.10 kg •d-1.

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