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Characteristics of section 337 investigations and Chinese measures - case study of anhui foreign trade enterprises

Author(s): Ronghua He, Hailong Yuan

USA Customs have a power coming from the 337 clause to stop importing the foreign products which violated the intellectual property rights in America. But this clause was accused of protecting international trade in the name of protecting intellectual property rights. With the development of economy, the strategy of intellectual property was vigorously implemented in Anhui from 2009 to 2013. Consequently, the quantity and quality of patents had been increased greatly and their growths were in the forefront of the country. Under this background, high-tech products and electromechanical products in Anhui to USA will face a great hidden trouble from 337 investigations. So it is necessary to give layout of patents in advance and be prepared for coping with 337 investigations on the basis of market share of products from Anhui enterprises in the US and according to whether these products will be involved.

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