Chaotic characteristics analysis of inpatient intravenous medication time series by the 0-1 test

Author(s): Chen Yao1, Xu Jianxin2*

Medication safety concerns the wellbeing of patients. Ambroxol hydrochloride, as a commonly used medicine for respiratory diseases, is investigated in this paper. 0-1 test method is adopted to analyze chaotic characteristics of inpatient intravenous medication time series whose data is collected from a hospital in the second half year of 2013. By comparing the correlation coefficients and regression method, we can learn the results that the average value of K-c of time series is close to 1, and the P-Q diagram presents a Brownian motion. Finally, Poincare section and the largest Lyapunov exponent are used to verify the accuracy of the 0-1test. Analysis results show that the medication time series in treatment of respiratory diseases is chaotic and not periodic with the development of time. It enjoys an important guiding significance for further studies of rational medication and trends analysis of respiratory diseases.

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