Cations and anions in fresh fruit juice by fast ion chromatography

Author(s): Ronald Bartzatt, Nancy Handler

Food products are analyzed to meet compliance with labeling and legal requirements, establish nutritive value, determine product quality, identify defects, research and development. This information is vital for economically producing safe and nutritious food. Ion chromatography is known to be an effective tool in identifying many types of cations and anions, with this work focusing on water soluble ions that are readily available in common fresh fruit products. Extraction into an aqueous partition layer revealed numerous anions and cations that were effectively separated by fast ion chromatography. Cation analysis utilized a Metrosep Cation 1-2 column and a ICSep AN1 column for anion analysis. Ions identified and measured included sodium, ammonium, potassium, calcium,magnesium, fluoride, chloride, nitrate, phosphate, and sulfate. Chromatograms identified the well resolved anion and cation species associated with consumption of fruits. Their concentrations were determined for dietary and nutritive considerations. Fast ion chromatography under conditions specified in this study coupled with non-suppressed conductivity detection is an efficacious approach to measure ion species associated with fresh fruits. Nutritive considerations, manufacturing regulations, and response to consumer demands make important the monitoring and determination of minerals and vitamins in fresh produce. Ion chromatography effectively measures various ions found in fresh fruits that are necessary nutriments for dietary sustainment. A broad spectrum of monovalent and multivalent ions were identified and measured utilizing these ion chromatography parameters.

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