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Capture and analysis of the motion data parameters in sports training

Author(s): Shangkui Ma

In the process of sports training, the effectively capture of data parameters for technical motion can get more scientific analysis process for the standard of technical motion, so that people can carry out the problems in a more comprehensive reflection and provide powerful data support for the athletes and coaches. In this paper, the research and the discussion part mainly explore software of lower computer based on motion capture system and have a discussion on its components and its important role, and combine the human body model analysis with system modeling studies on human body structure to make the data parameter that get in the process of motion capture maintain a high level of accuracy. The next part is to effectively determine the position of the sensor by model establishment, which makes the accuracy of the motion data parameter, can be effectively improved. Finally, it is the corresponding research and exploration for the error analysis and algorithm to make the causes of error more clear and make an effective summary of specific method for eliminating the error. This makes the process of motion data parameters capture more reasonable, at the same time guarantees the sports training process together with the normative of athletesÂ’ technical movements continuously improve. This is the main idea of the paper through the process of study and discussion, while its purpose can also get fully reflected, and effectively provide a solid theoretical and practical foundation for further in-depth research.

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