Cam motion simulation and optimization based on matlab /simulink

Author(s): Caixia Li

Automobile engine valve mechanism task is to ensure that the valve open or closed within the prescribed time, open or close the action should be quickly. As the camshaft speed increase, the kinematic and dynamic characteristics of the elastic deformation and inertial force on the mechanism of component will influence, causing the valve between the actual displacement, velocity, acceleration and displacement, velocity, acceleration of the name, especially the obvious difference between the actual and nominal acceleration response acceleration, so the elastic dynamic analysis the entire valve mechanism, as an elastic system, the actual output of the dynamic valve with camshaft input response, for cam profile motion / dynamics integrated to provide a theoretical basis. This paper is based on the kinetic theory of mechanical system, the dynamic response analysis of the cam mechanism, including the displacement response, velocity and acceleration response, according to the comparative analysis of results, can explain the harmonic motion law is more obvious in reducing the vibration of high speed cam mechanism effect. Analysis steps as modeling, set up the differential equations of motion and the solution of the differential equations of motion. The differential equations of motion can be obtained by analytical solutions only in some simple cases, in general, can only use the numerical method to solve. In this paper an analytic solution of dynamic response, and are compared with the ideal output response, illustrate the applicability of harmonic motion law is applied to the design of cam mechanism

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