Calcium alginate entrapped cells of Penicillium digitatum FETL DS1 for the improvement of tannase production

Author(s): Doblin Sandai, Darah Ibrahim, Jain Kassim

The ability of immobilized cell cultures of PenicilliumdigitatumFETLDS1 to produce extracellular tannase was investigated. The production of enzyme was increased by entrapping the fungus in calcium alginate beads compared to the free suspended cells. Using the optimized parameters of 40 calciumalginate beads, 1.5%(w/v) of sodiumalginate and inoculumsize of 1 x 106 spores/mL in 50 mL cultivationmediumin a 250 mL shake flask system, 6.06 U/mL tannase was obtained fromthe immobilized cells compared to the free suspended cells (4.34U/mL). Itwas approximately a 39.63% increment.

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