BP neural network-based sports games promotion to autistic children social skills research

Author(s): Xuemin Zhao, Xinbao Wang

Due to autistic children has drawn increasing attention, how to let autistic children group to integrate into society, grow healthy and happily is the problems to be urgent solved. According to information analysis, sports games may have impacts on promoting autistic children social skills, the paper also carries on research on them. The paper takes 5 to 10 years old autistic children as research objects, takes their basic communication behaviors and interpersonal fusion capacity as research factors, by letting them to participate in sports games training, makes comparative studies on their before training, first training stage, second training stage each factor, and applies BP neural network methods to make classification and integration on autistic children each factor under different states, finally it gets sports games play very important roles in autistic children social skills. Parents should let autistic children to positive participate in sports games training, let them to rapidly and healthy grow.

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