Biological treatment of waste and monitoring of parameters indicative of the hygienic quality of the fermentation product

Author(s): M.Aouane, Y.Chbab, A.Echchelh, M.Rhiyat, A.Chaouch, M.Sobh, M.Ouhssine

The biological processes are practices, which are better appreciated for the organic waste processing. According to the literature two types of waste are studied. The first category is comes from exploitation activity. (Agribusiness industry, and industrial agriculture’s products). The second one coming from the activities of consumption: (household waste).We are interested in this work in the exploitation of household waste. We borrowed the biological way of treatment, particularly spontaneous fermentation. The physicochemical analyses in end of fermentation showed that the values of the pH are lowered to 3,86. Whereas the initial pH was of 4,46. The most interesting parameter in our study is acidity. The latter knewan increase of 4,2%. Following that,we found a disappearance of nematodes in late fermentation (3rd week). While during the first week, their number has grown to a population of 340 with the appearance of a slight odor.Alsowe noted the complete abolition of the biomass of the coliformes (fecal and total) sources of the more share of the epidemics. The staphylococcus was also exterminated. The abundance of the total flora mesophile aerobi (FMAT) was reduced to a level which cannot carry damage to the hygienic quality of the end product.After the 3rd week, the FMAT was represented only by one population of 6,2 105 ufc/g. As regards lactic yeast and bacteria, we observed a considerable growth of their populations. They were respectively at the end of the fermentation of 4,8 105 ufc/g and 5,2 105 ufc/g. The last two groups of germs are known by their biotechnological interest. Their presence in our case is comforting factor. They are for us the best indicator of the good orientation of fermentation. The presence of these two groups has enabled to us to better include/understand the practical incidences on the end product, as well as the general parameters of operating system. Fermentation leads us to a stable product and ready with a possible valorization.Atest of improvement of the general parameters of fermentationwas examined. It is about the incorporation of the molasses in the rawmaterial. Four mixtures were prepared. The best result is obtained with the incorporation of 9%of ferment. The latter resulted to a product of which physico-chemical and hygienic characteristics correct.

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