Biological conservation of food products

Author(s): M.Sobh, A.Fadli, A.Foullous, N.Rhaiem, A.Hammoumi, R.Bengueddour,M.Ouhssine

Two strains of lactic acid bacteria (lactobacillus SMLB2SMLB1 and gender) and a yeast strain (SMLV1) are used in fermentation and bioconservation certain foods. They provided a perfect fermentation and thus life, a safety and integrity unparalleled. Positive interactions between yeasts and lactic acid bacteria have shown a timing fermentativemetabolismof all strains ferment component selected. Indeed, after 16 hours of incubationwith the ferment S6was able to stabilize the pHand acidity 3.57 to 3.57 and 1.22%acidity and that fromthe 30th day of controlled fermentation. The pH is obtained according to the packaging of food products.

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