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Billiards stroke best position selection counter measurements research based on dynamics

Author(s): Yong Li

Under the hypothesis of billiards fully elastic collision, apply basic theoretical mechanics principle carrying out analysis of movement law after cue ball colliding object ball and before cue ball collides table side, it gives cue ball movement control equation during this period. Use Matlab simulation analyzing cue ball mass center speed and rotational angular speed influence on its movement trajectory. Then use geometrical method and trigonometric function knowledge structure, it puts forward object ball selection ways in playing aren best table net, through comparing i Q size relations, it gets conclusions whether stroking waist pocket or stroking bottom pocket. Therefore, after making clear object ball entering net and judging, it researches on cue ball position after it collidingwith object ball by physical dynamics and integration method, so that it can successfully set barrier for opponent stroking after ensuring own party potting. It improves billiards movement success rate to large extent.

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