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Beijing tianjin hebei city cluster multi water cycle system coordinated development planning modeling and empirical study reach on the perspective of sustainable development

Author(s): Xu Jin, Liu Cheng, Chi Yifan, Ji Rong

Regional development plans of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province are included in the national overall development strategy. A series of water problems such as water shortage, ecological degradation and water pollution faced by the city cluster greatly restrict the economic and social development of the region. The shortage of water resources, the ecological environment deteriorated and serious water pollution have become important factors restricting the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region economy and social sustainable development.Multi water cycle system is a complex system, whose construction, operation and development relate to environment, economy, population, geography, management, infrastructure, etc. Uncertainty is an important characterizer of complex city cluster water cycle system. Many parameters of complex city cluster system in water cycle system are uncertain, such as city cluster regional water demand, water resource price and city social life, production and other activities. On the other hand, with the accelerating process of city and city industry structure adjustment, water resources system’s scale, structure and characteristics of the inevitable will change for time, space and the evolution. With the development of water circulation system, the uncertain information change from beginning to the end, as well as other features, constituting the multi water cycle system. Grasping and reflecting the uncertainty are necessary for studying water circulation system planning. It is also an important component of overall planning of city cluster. Under certain aggregate conditions, how to realize the optimization of water resources between different regions and industries, has become the key urgently problem to be solved. The water quality and quantity coupling plan multiple target teamwork model construction of city cluster multi water cycle system, and the improvement of the model to solve the mechanism of protein secreted dissemination evolutionary game algorithm, in order to improve the efficiency of development and utilization of water resources in Beijing Tianjin Hebei city cluster.

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