Based on the principal component factor analysis method of NBA players comprehensive ability evaluation research

Author(s): Wei Yin

A basketball player ability not only is directly related to how many points and they are on the court, and whether they can help the team win, also on the pitch count, the number of errors, the rebound shot release and fouls also have associated. In order to explore the player ability evaluation model, this paper mainly use the principal component analysis and factor analysis in multivariate analysis, using SPSS software to analyze data, from the measure of the technical level of the player scoring, assists, shooting and other 10 indicators, it is concluded that the indexes and the common factor expression. Using factor analysis of 2011-2012 season eight NBA teams active players to evaluate the comprehensive ability of analysis, get the players ability to comprehensive index model, calculate the composite scores of each player. Will players wage and personal ability of quadratic non-linear regression, using MATLAB software fitting out the function relation between the two. To calculate the due value and the actual income for comparative analysis, it is concluded that the readings, the error between the then relevant reasonable explanation.

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