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Based on the fuzzy clustering analysis of swimming back-up personnel training research

Author(s): Chunfeng Xia

Swimming class sport has been one of the men, women and children all like sports, swimming in China at first mainly concentrated in the river, river, lake and sea areas. With the emergence of large swimming pool in the cities, swimming class sports project has been a lot of people know, and is enjoyed by people gradually. In this paper, according to China's swimming backup talent cultivation of fuzzy clustering analysis concluded that the size of the Chinese swimming team in expanded year by year, need to strengthen management, to improve the quality of the swimming team reserve talented person well. Can see in the for the analysis of the swimming team coach coaches the overall quality is higher, age distribution is reasonable, most of the teaching process in comply with the content of the syllabus. From the above we can see in this a few kinds of Chinese athletic swimming back-up talent management is more reasonable, can satisfy the Chinese swimming for the supply of reserve talented person. At the same time also hope that the Chinese swimming team in international expectations in the big games, get good grades.

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