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Based on the bird's nest, cloud patterns method after the operation benefit evaluation system of research

Author(s): Wei Wang

After the Olympic Games, built a big stadiums have utilization rate is low. Build the stadium after the operation efficiency evaluation system, and study how to increase the operating efficiency of the venue is very important. This article in the bird's nest, for instance, by Vivian method established the bird's nest operating efficiency rating system, and puts forward the corresponding set up. Firstly, Vivian, affecting the bird's nest after the operation benefit level evaluation index are discussed. Influence of social benefit index sex is the largest. Using analytic hierarchy process (ahp) to the test results, the findings have reliability. Then, using the method of CAM, combined with the level of index weight, the bird's nest after the camp cloud benefits of secondary evaluation index for the determination of the total weight, the results met the TABLE 9. For quality of employees is the most important, environmental quality and management system, weight value of 0.0826, respectively, 0.0817, 0.0817. In conclusion is put forward for the bird's nest management, enhance the bird's nest brand, improve the quality of employees.

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