Based on stepwise regression analysis of the rowing athlete selection potential research colleges and universities

Author(s): Hongsheng Zhao, Hong Zhang

The coaches in the selection of athletes is mainly according to the performance of athletes in the game or the daily training, it has certain blindness. Potential model is established in this paper, through the, rowing over long distances, for example, for the coaches provide a based on stepwise regression analysis and cluster analysis of athlete selection method. By data analysis and correlation of the movement's biggest test project. Stepwise regression analysis was carried out on the data, and the results of the competition the most relevant test results. Athletes can be divided into three levels using the clustering analysis. According to the test result make the athlete result change curve. And the stable performance athletes before the last point of the slope, the value is the potential value of the athletes. According to the different level of athletes choose standard, choose a potential value of the highest level of the athletes athletes, is the most potential athletes more outstanding achievements

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