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Based on principal component analysis of gymnastics teaching quality comprehensive evaluation model of research universities

Author(s): Juan Wang

In the traditional pattern of gymnastics teaching in colleges and universities has been lagging behind, unable to adapt to the demand of social development. In research based on the influence factors of the gymnastics teaching development in colleges and universities, this paper set up two mathematical models, the first principal component analysis (pca) was used to study the scientific college gymnastics teaching comprehensive evaluation index, and then on this basis, through a large amount of data collected by the collection object for three level index of fuzzy evaluation, the final results using normalized processing method and the purpose is to promote the popularization and development of gymnastics in the colleges and universities. Through principal component analysis got a student scores as the objective basis of the comprehensive evaluation value, combining the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation score, get above to get the weight of the two, the result is a more objective in the end, the integrated evaluation of the value is reflected in the size of the gymnastics teaching the teacher's teaching level, the greater the value shows that the higher the teaching level.

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