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Based on logistic growth curve of the development of chinese sports population research

Author(s): Xiaoming Zhang

In this paper, the Chinese sports population age structure, sex characteristics, cultural characteristics, and analyzes the different areas of the gap between rural and urban areas, and pointed out that at present most of the Chinese sports population is 16 to 45 years old, college and senior high school students, influenced by economic development, presents the characteristics of "the Middle East and west" less. Secondly, by using the method of correlation analysis, quantitative analysis of the correlation between the number of different sports system and economic factors, by comparing the size of the Pearson correlation coefficient of correlation between economic development and the larger the number for further screening. Finally, using the method of logistic growth curve about the number of sports system prediction model is established, by studying the correlation analysis of professional sports technical institute, sports schools and amateur sports school three factors of historical data, prediction mathematical equations, to 2012 three years after five years the number of changes to make predictions, and draw the conclusion: five years after 2012 professional sports technical institute and the number of sports schools is on the rise, while the number of amateur sports schools have a certain degree of decline.

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