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Based on goal programming method of Chinese rural sports optimization countermeasures research

Author(s): Yang Yang

Rural sports as an important part of Chinese sports, moment affects the overall development of China's sports. At present, China's rural sports there are many problems, lack of investment, the structure is not sound, sports consciousness is not thorough and so on are the factors restricting its development, thus the study of rural sports optimization countermeasures is the key of the development of China's rural sports. In this paper, using the comparative method and goal programming method made a comprehensive analysis of the rural sports in China. First Chinese rural sports and city were analyzed, from the urban and rural residents in the sports fitness awareness, by way of fitness education, as well as the three aspects of the organization of the sports activities, the study of the gap between urban and rural sports and analysis of urban and rural residents satisfaction for sports activities, to discover: rural sports relative to the urban sports development is slow, there is a larger gap between urban and rural sports development. Secondly, on this basis, quantitative research by using the goal programming is most suited to China's rural sports development of sports activities, through the establishment of objective function, calculated the optimal solution, further concluded: badminton, ballroom and square dance is the most suitable for China's rural sports development projects, and rural residents on their satisfaction is higher.

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