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Based on 4 d matrix of discrete cosine transform remote education video compression technology research

Author(s): Yanpeng Wu, Xiaoqi Peng, Lei Huang

Distance education is a new teaching technology strictly, the development of this technology to the development of education provides more power, and in the process of the technical implementation faces the problems of slow video transmission and archive material, if it is able to seek an effective algorithm for video compression coding, can mitigate the problem to a certain extent. In this paper, aim at the characteristic of video image sequence is studied, using the discrete cosine transform of four-dimensional matrix algorithm for video image file compression coding, in the process of research this paper in view of the definition of the four-dimensional matrix and the algorithms are expounded, and then discusses the four dimensional matrix math algorithm of the cosine transform and involved in the process of video coding compression algorithm, the use of video coding compression algorithm described in this paper in DSP evaluation data. Data shows that: based on 4 d matrix of discrete cosine transform video compression algorithm has obvious superiority than the rest of the algorithm, algorithm for video coding theory to provide technical support for the implementation of remote education.

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Table of Contents

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