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Baseball game pitcher knocks out batter best model and strategy research

Author(s): Kepeng Gu, Guangxia Hu

In baseball game, the most important linkage is fighting between pitcher and batter. Pitcher as field defense player with strongest offensive, it plays a decisive roles in restricting batting party attack. Pitching qualities can affect and control attack party players’ batting quality, and further affect whole game result. Pitching technique and strategy play a key role, it decides whole game. This paper according to major league baseball and Korean baseball organization’s partial statistical information, by analyzing pitching techniques as well as pitcher and batter measures situation table, use judging expectation value method to calculate best pitching method that pitcher knocks out batter. Result shows that best strategy for pitcher restraining batter batting is that select pitching mostly in upper area that no pitching onmiddle area, every 10 times pitching, choose to pitch toward upper area for 4 times and pitch toward lower area for 6 times.

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