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Baseball best hitting point model research based on momentum medium theorem

Author(s): Yong Li

Every batter knows that there is a best hitting point in the rough part of baseball bat, when ball hits in such point, it can obtain largest energy. This paper applies dynamics knowledge to make respectively force analysis of hitting process baseball and bat, when it occurs to completely non elastic collision, baseball best hitting point in one end of bat. Research shows baseball best hitting point is between bat one end and far from baseball one end S area.When bat is hollowed out, itsmass reduces, elastic variable increases, according to Hooke’s law F  kx it can get baseball and bat elastic force increase, bymomentumtheorem ( ) 2 1 Ft  m v  v , it is clear that baseball escape speed increases. When bats textures are different, utilize control variables methods to carry on simulation experiment, it gets when baseball and aluminum bat collide, elastic coefficient is larger than that when baseball and wood bat collide.Apply return energy and total collision energy percentage formula 2(1 ) 0 2 i i i i W  k z k  z , it gets that aluminum bat rigidity is larger than that of wood bat, therefore use metal bat will reduce major league baseball challenge, so that explain the reason ofmajor league baseball prohibiting using metal bat.

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