Attitude analysis in conflict resolution with Bapplication to a water conflict

Author(s): Yu Jing, Zhao Min

Decision makers’ (DMs) attitude analysis is formally modeledunder the framework of the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution (GMCR) and subsequently applied to a water resource dispute to obtain more strategic insights on realistic courses of action to follow. More specifically, DMs’ preferences and state transitions can be changed when DMs hold positive, negative or neutral attitudes towards themselves and/or others. Thus, the resolution or equilibrium of a conflict may be different under different attitudes. When carrying outan attitude analysis, firstly, a specified dispute is studied without considering DMs’ attitudes; secondly, the attitude analysis under the framework of GMCR is executed. As demonstrated by the study of the water resource controversy, attitude analysis methodology can be readily applied to real-world conflict to gain an enhanced strategic understanding when DMs’ attitudes are not discrete.

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